I am available for keynote presentations on photography, creative envisioning, art journaling. I offer small group workshops and individual private instruction in photography. Due to the pandemic, I have no group workshops on the schedule for 2020; however, I would be available for private instruction with appropriate social distancing by appointment.


Information on prior year workshops is below.

2019 Workshops

March 22-23, 2019 - Mindful Nature Photography , Pocosin Arts School of Fine Craft, Columbia, NC - COMPLETED 

October 18-20, 2019 - Crafting a Mindful Photographic Practice


Mountain Lens, Hendersonville, NC

2.5 day Workshop

Fee: 585.00 USD

Minimum 2 Attendees, Maximum 6 Attendees

Lodging Available on site

Registration and Cancellation Deadline: End of August

1. How can I shift from "taking pictures" to a process grounded in gratitude, in which I receive gifts of Presence from wildlife, the land, even light itself? 

2. How can I identify, develop, or further refine my personal style in photography, so that my images reflect my deepest values and loves?

3. How can I approach photography--and my larger life--from a more spiritually-centered perspective, honoring God as the source of my creative gifts and longings while receiving insight into my life’s highest purpose?

4. How can I increase the number of "keepers" from my photo excursions, and make images that really stand out?

5. I'm fairly new to working in Photoshop. What techniques could help me most in processing images for printing, without getting too technical, overly complicated, or compromising my original vision?

If any of these questions resonate with you, come join Eve Turek in the beautiful North Carolina mountains for this 2 1/2 day immersive workshop. Crafting a Mindful Photographic Practice invites photographers of all skill levels to consider what photography means to them, what their deepest photographic aspirations and inspirations are, and how to translate their personal values and loves into meaningful images through both creative vision and technical choices. 

As well as being an internationally awarded photographer, Eve is also a gifted presenter, and an avid written and visual journaler. The workshop will also include an introduction to her journaling practice as well as some written and visual prompts designed to help participants deepen their spiritual life while seeking personal, metaphoric messages through what they are drawn to photograph.

Multiple field opportunities will begin on the Mountain Lens property's 20 acres and will also include off-site excursions. Potential sites, depending on weather and light conditions, may include nearby Looking Glass Falls, Carl Sandburg's historic home (including red barns and pygmy goats), or scenic Blue Ridge overlooks at the edges of the day. Classroom time will include one-on-one hands-on instruction in Photoshop for novices and time to process work for more experienced PS users, with a view towards helping all participants recognize the strengths of their own and others' work as all refine their personal styles.

For more information, to register, or to cancel workshop registration, email Eve at [email protected] with Workshop in the subject line. Lodging and meals not included. Do NOT make lodging reservations until your workshop registration is confirmed.